The Flying Chef - Mark Bly

The Flying Chef - Mark Bly

Mark Bly, a.k. The Flying Chef ®, won his first cooking contest in 5th grade with a delicious ham. Mark has since then become a renown chef, with his cooking experiences spanning around world due to his day job, a jet airliner captain, that takes him to exotic destinations where Mark gets involved in each culture's cuisines.

And when we say involved, we mean involved. When Mark isn't resting up from his long flights, you can find him downtown in the city's kitchens learning, sharing, and making friends with the local chefs.

Mark started flying at 17, commercially at 20, and became a captain at just 23 years of age. He flys big jet airliners that move large cargo items such as inventory lots, rock 'n roll band gear, exotic animals, etc. Big stuff.

Because of Mark's multi-cultural exposure, his recipes commonly blend ideas and flavors from different cuisines that result in incredible flavor combinations and clever presentations.

Mark's bottom line: "Food should be shared and enjoyed."

Be sure to check out Mark's videos and recipes.

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