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...go for it!
As a gift for my younger brother, I ordered him a few elk burgers. He was so excited and it was a great surprise. He had never tried elk before and he is now a fan! American Pride Foods did a wonderful job of making sure that the package got to him in no time at all. The service was fast and friendly. To anybody out there who is maybe apprehensive about trying something new, I say go for it! This company is a great company to try. I can't get over how awesome they are!
- Kristen Wilson
The "Q" Review
American Pride Foods (Round 2)

During this round, our friends at the Q-Review sample our Bacon Wrapped Reindeer Medallions, Caribou Sandwich Steaks, & Buffalo Bratwurst. View the entire article here.
fantastic healthy food
As a lark I ordered caribou burger 'cause I had once brought raccoon stew to a company potluck and they invited me to their chili cook off competition. Now I am addicted to your healthy meat and quick delivery.
- Jeanne Bojarski
Buffalo Sausage w/Jalapeno and Cheese
I just have to say that these Sausage are the best I have ever had, I actually only bought the four pack, and the only one I would share with is my grand son, who also loved them and he is only 6. When they say the flavor explodes in your mouth, that is not an over statement! Can not get enough of them.
- Mary
Ordered for family in CA for Xmas - FAST & THEY LOVED IT!
Thank you so much for these packs that ship to the lower 48. The family members we sent them to were so impressed on the shipping and they loved the products!! Thank you for making us look so good!!
- Cindy & Ernie
Exotic Meat Steaks
The mailings (3 relatives) each arrived on a timely basis. Each recipient noted the quality of their delivery and their delight at being able to taste meats to which they otherwise would not have access. They each asked me about recipes and how best to cook the meats. That would be a terrific addition to American Pride Food's service.
- anonymous
Gift package was a hit!
Sent The Ultimate Sausage Variety Pack as a business gift. I heard today that the Jalapeno & Cheese Buffalo was fantastic and the Reindeer Breakfast sausage was wonderful. Excellent experience. I will be ordering a second box for my Dad. Thanks a bunch.
- Tundra Bunny
My absolute favorite!
The pepper sticks are fantastic. I have tried all the snack sticks on this site and really like them all, but the pepper sticks are my favorite hands down.
- Marty R.
Most tender chicken I have ever had.
I got this as a gift and I didn't expect much (meat flown frozen to me), But I was WRONG. It is the most tender chicken I have ever had. I cooked it on my George Forman which tends to dry stuff out and it was great and stayed tender. The flavor is great too and not over powering. I will be ordering again for myself and as gifts.
- Stacy
I thought mine was good...
I make homemade mustard, and thought it to be the best I ever tasted. While I still hold a lot of pride in mine, there is something about this mustard (Alaska Honey Mustard) that makes me beg for more. (I think it is the horseradish, which makes me shudder because I normally can't stand horseradish) My brother brought me some home from Alaska (I live in PA) and I have bought 8 more bottles since then. I love it, and put it on just about everything. If you want sweet, there is some. If you want spice, there's some of that too. And just the right amount of both. I am so glad to see that when my stock runs out this time I can buy more online. I can't wait for my next sandwich.
- Michael from Northern Pennsylvania
Quick delivery
Very simple to order and very quick delivery. Will definitely order again. The best Bar-b-que sauce I've tasted. (Old Alaskan Style Spicy BBQ Sauce)
- Kelly Oevering
Love that caribou
Tried the caribou followed cooking directions broiled it and it was great. Gave some as gifts and they cooked it the next day and raved. Shipping was great also arrived a few hours earlier than expected. I will buy this again.
- anonymous
Featured in "The Daily"
from New York City

A great article about Reindeer consumption in American, including an interview with our vice president, Brandi Harmon. View article here.
- by Chavie Lieber of The Daily
How Easy was this!!!
I lived in Alaska for 14 years and still need to send Xmas gifts to good friends. Ordered online. Shipping to my friends in Anchorage was FREE!!! I was able to buy them more meat, and my friends all love the products. Thanks so much.
- Bob C formerly of Eagle River AK (wish I was still there)
I received my 1st order of Venison from you in the form of Pepper Sticks and burgers. I was very pleased with your packaging and have found the taste of the meet to be out of this world. I will be placing another order soon for the holidays!
- Jeffrey Mayer
I just served the Buffalo Bratwurst to my family and they were gone in no time, leaving everyone wanting more!!! They were so juicy and plump, the only problem was I did not have enough of them!!! I also tried the chicken breast thay were awesome! They stayed moist while cooking on a grill, not always a easy outcome for chicken breast. American Pride has come through so far, will be ordering from them on a regularly!!!
- Mary
These hot dogs are the best!!!!
These hotdogs are really delicious and very tasty....We are hooked on them and summer is coming so will be ordering some more... Ate the last ones a few weeks ago... Yumm Yummm...
- anonymous
Email message from Jan
Reindeer Sausage arrived beautifully/carefully packed in dry ice...still frozen and ready to move into my freezer. It arrived VERY quickly from the time I ordered it. Although the shipping fees (Anchorage to my office in Schaumburg, Illinois) were almost the exact cost of the product...I was willing to pay that to get this unique product and do understand why they are so high. I'll be thawing the sausage on Friday and preparing it on Saturday for my annual "Iditarod Party" - plan to just steam it so the TRUE flavor remains true and will serve multiple choices of dipping sauces to accompany it. Looking forward to having something "authentically Alaskan" (besides the usual King Crab) this year! Thanks for your easily navigatable website, ease of ordering, and wonderful service.
- Jan Gohl
The "Q" Review
American Pride Foods (Round 1)

Our friends at the Q-Review sample our Buffalo Sausage, Buffalo Burgers, & Alaskan Reindeer Sausage. View the entire article here.
Quick Response
We ordered a gift certificate for our meat loving daughter and friend. As usually I waited until the last minute to order it hoping it would be delivered via email in time for Christmas. Not only was it delivered before Christmas it was sent within 15 mins of completing the order! Thanks for the quick response American Pride customer service you saved the day!
- anonymous
Reindeer Sausage - the best!
I ordered 3 lbs. of mild reindeer sausage, and was very pleased to find it still frozen solid when it arrived in Oklahoma. Although the mild sausage is delicious, I think we will try the spicier version next time for a more flavorful sausage.
- Vicki in Oklahoma
Recipient extremely pleased with order! VERY speedy delivery.
- anonymous
Reindeer Sausage Rocks
My parents came home from a vacation to Alaska in June and my Dad has talked about the reindeer sausage since. I decided to order him some for his birthday and made if for our family celebration. Dad was apprehensive that no one else would enjoy it as much as he does but the whole family are now fans! Thank you for shipping it just as promised!
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