Grilling: Propane Vs Charcoal

The answers you might find on this subject will be as as wide and varied as the people giving opinions. Here is the good news...itʼs simple. What are you really looking for? A quick easy meal or a family get together? A large event or just a day in the woods? Here, we open the doors to the world of grilling, and this is just the beginning. Let's break it down by average need.

Propane Gas Grilling:
The gas grill is absolutely perfect for the griller on the go! Easy to start up, quick to heat, fast to the finish. The gas grill is ideal for an upstairs apartment, condo, or large wood deck. The flame is controlled and directed toward the food, and usually equipped with modern safety devices. No runaway floating sparks, or hot coals falling to the ground. Gas grills feature very little warm up time, easily controlled temperature, little cool down time, and easy clean up.

Charcoal Grilling:
The charcoal grill has been around since the beginning of modern man in one form or another. They create a wide range of flavors by infusing smoke from charcoal briquettes.

Great things about charcoal grilling:
  • ▪ They are generally lighter in weight.
  • ▪ They are usually less expensive.
  • ▪ You can infuse different flavors into your food by using different types of wood chips, barks, and charcoals.
  • ▪ Wood chips have different flavors like apple, cherry, and alder.
  • ▪ Grilling properly on a charcoal grill will elevate the meat's flavor to itʼs highest level by cooking slowly and picking up the flavor from the charcoal.

Downsides to charcoal grilling:
  • ▪ It cooks slower, and takes longer to get the grill to the proper temperature.
  • ▪ Temperature management is more difficult.
  • ▪ The clean up is a bummer because you have to get rid of the spent charcoal.
  • ▪ But that charcoal, once doused with water, is great for adding to compost or on a bare spot in your lawn.

Grilling: Propane Vs Charcoal
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